Xiang Guang Shan's Vision:
The fragrance of upheld precepts
Luminous minds --
A place for raising up Buddhas


The Luminary International Buddhist Society was founded thirty years ago at the foot of Mount Ali, in Chuchi, Chiayi County. From the beginning, it focused on improving the education of the Buddhist Sangha (nuns) in order to cultivate excellent Dharma teachers for humankind. Over the past three decades, we Buddhist nuns have maintained our original intention through working on a variety of initiatives to promote education and culture. We firmly believe “It is people who make the teachings of the Buddha flourish.” With human effort and learning, the precious Dharma found in the Sutras can transcend time and space to be propagated today, two thousand and five hundred years after it first appeared.

In the summer of 2002, Venerable Wu Yin, the abbess of the Luminary International Buddhist Society, came to a high tableland site located in Dasi, Taoyuan, seeking a place to achieve her aspiration of promoting Buddhist education. This tableland has a vast field of vision: it fronts the Tahan river, leans on Sijhou Hill, rests on the Touliao mountains, and overlooks Longtan. Venerable Wu Yin decided to actualize her aspiration in this natural forest setting. In August of 2003, the residential house at this location was renovated into the current temple house with a golden Pagoda on top. In 2006, the temple obtained the temple registration certificate issued by the Taoyuan County Government and was formally named Xiang Guang Shan Temple.
For several years thereafter, monastics and lay people harmoniously toiled side by side to open up the land and establish the Three Jewels there. Finally, with all auspicious conditions in place, in October of 2009 the temple held a ground-breaking ceremony.

After the ground-breaking, the LIBS decided that we would not construct large buildings in this place. Instead, we hope to bring forward the authentic Dharma through educational and cultural means and to establish a pure and sustainable forest practice center in this place. We hope to cultivate every Bodhisattva in this world through the exalted practices of “the Fragrance of Upheld Precepts” and “Luminous Mind.” Venerable Wu Yin said, “every grain of sand, every brick, and every stone of this ground is to be used to exalt the Way of the Bodhisattva, and this practice field will be a sacred Buddha land for everyone to exalt his life.”

We will follow the natural rhythms of earth and sky, and deeply respect flowers, trees and the forest ecosystem. Abiding by the ancient and simple teachings of the Buddha, we will continue the decades of effort by our Sangha to deepen Buddhist education and culture. So that Mahayana Buddhism's resolution to help all beings will continue on into the future, we will energetically actualize the practice of the Dharma in contemporary life. Xiang Guang Shan Temple is a practice place for raising up and forming Buddhas, the spiritual home of which everyone dreams, and a permanent homeland of learning for all beings.

We sincerely invite all who have the willingness and good Dharma-connections with us to join with us in this new path. The fragrant flowers of our Bodhi Path practice--Upheld Precepts and Luminous Minds--will bloom here, in a way that is natural, pure and sustainable.


November, 2002

Signed the formal contract to purchase the land.

March, 2003

Held a large activity for the first time: The Midterm Gathering of the Buddhist Study Class of Yinyi Dharma Center. Started preparing the land for construction.

August, 2003

Renovated the original three-section residential house into a Buddhist temple with a golden Pagoda on top.

October, 2003

Erected the statue of Lord Buddha.

April, 2004

Held for the first time a Buddhist seminar on “A Perspective on the Dependently Arising World”.

July, 2004

Conducted for the first time a 2-day Buddhist practice for college students, directed by Venerable Wu Yin.

August, 2004

Conducted for the first time a 7-day meditation retreat, presided over by Venerable Chiang Kai.

April, 2005

Obtained a group membership in the Buddhist Association of the Republic of China.

April, 2005

Offered for the first time a camp for community children.

July, 2005

Conducted for the first time a 4-day study camp on “The 'Sky' of Modern Female Buddhists: Sharing the Buddhist Practice Experience of Taiwanese and Tibetan Bhikkhunis.

April, 2006

Offered for the first time a Tung flower ecology trip.

June, 2006

Obtained the temple registration certificate issued by the Taoyuan County Government.

February, 2007

Donated a patrol car to the mutual aid team of Fu An Village.

February, 2007

Offered the first Buddhist Studies class.

June, 2008

Donated eighty-eight thousand NT dollars to Wenchuan County in China, ravaged by earthquake, and Myanmar, devastated by cyclone.

September, 2008

Received the 2007 Religious Group Award from the Ministry of the Interior for outstanding social welfare and education undertakings.

May, 2009

Assisted the Gaya Foundation in holding the 2009 International Conference on Buddhist Sangha Education.

August, 2009

More than one hundred monastics and lay devotees returned the blessing of group practice and donated thirty thousand NT dollars to refugees in the southern region of Taiwan, devastated by Typhoon Morakot.

October, 2009

Held the Xiang Guang Shan groundbreaking ceremony with a transmission of the lay Buddhist precepts, together with the Emperor Liang Repentance Ceremony to pray for peace for the country and people.





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